Phoenix Forge

Welcome To Phoenix Forge

Welcome to Phoenix Forge, the exclusive collectible trading card game from Solfire Gardens Universe. Launched in January 2023, our design team has consistently unveiled 10 new cards monthly. In 2024, we introduced the eagerly anticipated second edition.

Each card edition is distinctively marked by its border color: orange for the first edition and red for the second. Our cards are available in five rarities: white for common, green for uncommon, blue for rare, purple for epic, and neon orange for legendary. The legendary cards are particularly special, as they are only available during exclusive events, drops, or shows, making them highly sought-after and limited.

Phoenix Forge cards hold the unique distinction of being the sole tradable items on the Solfire Discord. Cards are acquired in two primary ways: every purchase on our site includes one Phoenix Forge card. Alternatively, our booster packs provide an exciting option, each containing five Phoenix Forge cards along with a special color-coded pop-top that includes three seeds. This pop-top matches the card rarities, offering a range of strain rarities from white (common) to neon orange (legendary).

Additionally, booster packs may include a ‘Lucky Phoenix Forge’ card, which grants exclusive perks such as box sets, free booster packs, and more. Join the excitement and start building your collection today!


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What is The Phoenix Forge trading Card Game?

The Phoenix Forge trading Card Game consists of physical trading cards that are collected by many ways such as winning them in giveaways, in orders from, getting them at conventions or by simply trading cards with others. The cards are composed of different artistic representations of anything, and everything related to Solfire or gardening.

How Can I Tell The Rarity of My Card?

The Phoenix Forge trading Card Game is divided into 6 different categories of rarity:

Common (White)
Uncommon (Green)
Rare (Blue)
Epic (Purple)
Legendary (Neon Orange)
Holographic (Iridescent)

Some cards may have multiple versions each with a different rarity and subsequently stronger attacks or abilities. For example, you may have a common “Don Mega” card that has simple stats and no abilities while someone else may have obtained a “Don Mega” epic card that is not only stronger but has a special ability attached.
Some cards will only be able to be obtained in person at conventions or events, these cards will be extremely rare as they cannot be obtained in any other way.

Can I trade Phoenix Forge trading Cards in the Discord?

Yes. Phoenix Forge Cards are the only thing you can openly trade in the Solfire Gardens discord. They can only be traded in the ⁠⚡│𝗣𝗵𝗼𝗲𝗻𝗶𝘅𝗙𝗼𝗿𝗴𝗲-𝗖𝗵𝗮𝘁… channel and only for each other, meaning you can’t trade cards for seeds or any other items. You may trade cards for cards only.

I Received a Card That I Already Have, Can I Exchange It?

No but feel free to trade it with another collector!

Who Designs The Phoenix Forge Art Work?

The Phoenix Forge trading Card artwork is made using AI. You can tell who designed any given card by looking in the bottom right corner.

Gameplay Rules

Phoenix Forge is a battle between two individuals and the Phoenix cards they bring to the garden. The overall goal is to defeat your opponent by dropping their Hit Points (HPS) to zero.

Classes of Cards

Gardener Cards: Each player must have 1 gardener card. Gardeners have a total of 20 HPS and have unique special abilities. If your Gardener Card reaches 0 HPS the game is over, and you have lost.
Strain Cards: These cards represent various Solfire and or Infamous strains. Strain Cards are the first line of defense of the Gardener Card.
Fortune Cards: Fortune Cards are beneficial to you.
Misfortune Cards: Misfortune Cards are Detrimental to your opponent.
Item Cards: Item Cards represent various items that can be used in the either your garden or your opponents.

Requirements For Play

Each Player must have 1 Gardener card and 30 other cards for a total of 31 cards.

How To Play

1 – Determine who goes first.

2 – Each player then Lays down their Gardener card. This card is always the first card played. This card represents the players life in terms of HPS (20). This card unless stated otherwise cannot be attacked if the player has active and present cards in the Garden (the play field directly in front of the Gardener Card).

3 – Each player hands the other player their deck of 30 cards.

4 – Each Player Shuffles Their opponents deck of cards. (If playing live)

5 – Once shuffled, each player draws 7 cards from their deck to their hand.

6 – Once your cards are in your hand you must determine what card to play. Each card has an energy (ENG) cost to play. This number can be found in the top left-hand corner. This number is also the cost of any special abilities featured on your card. For example, you have 5 ENG at the start of your turn, you decide to bring a card out that costs 3 ENG and use the ability of a card you already have out which costs 2. You can perform all these actions leaving you at 0 ENG. Note that you cannot bring out a card and use its ability in the same turn. Any new cards entering the Garden can only defend, they cannot attack or use abilities until the next round.

7 – Every round each player gains 1 ENG Point for a maximum of 10

8 – Your ENG is replenished at the beginning of your turn. (Unless otherwise specified)

9 – The Game is over when one of the Gardeners HPS reaches 0 using misfortune cards, attacking with unique powerful strain cards and countering the oppositions attacks is the key to winning Phoenix Forge.

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